Monday, February 28, 2011

Doos Wyn

Chateau de Cardboard, Happy Box, Pap Sak, Bonteheuwel Briefcase, call it want you want box wine can easily pack a punch above – albeit it previously low - expectations. But the quality of boxed wine has improved in recent years.

According to these are the best boxes in the ring today:

White Box Wine Results

  1. Drostdy-hof – Sauvignon Blanc 2010
  2. Windmeul – Mill White
  3. Carnival – Dry White
  4. Robertson – Extra Light Sauvignon Blanc
  5. Du Toitskloof – Chenin

Red Box Wine Results

  1. Du Toitskloof – Pinotage / Merlot / Ruby Cabernet
  2. Dorstdy-hof – Cabernet Sauvignon
  3. Bon Vino – Red
  4. Robertson – Shiraz
  5. Carnival – Classic Red 

Other than using the empty bag as an inflatable pillow,  buoyancy aid or party balloon – among the best features is just how convenient and easy they are to use and abuse. Instant resealing of the wine does mean they keep for longer than open bottles but not indefinitely as some oxygen bubbles into the wine with each pour but should stay fresh for around 3 weeks.

Another plus is the wine cannot be corked i.e. have a musty, mouldy aroma that some corks – and now fewer and fewer - inflict on bottled wine sealed with cork.

Although there is no opening ceremony, the romance and sentimentality associated with the pop of the cork is learned behaviour. Think of Pavlov’s dogs who salivated on hearing a bell after it was associated with food or of spirit drinkers (and wine drinkers now) who salivate at the crack of a screw cap. Is it that far fetched to imagine wine drinkers salivating at the popping of perforated cardboard? Maybe not very sexy but does it matter 7 days per week?

They're green and eco-friendly too; 3lt boxes contain the equivalent of four wine bottles, but with much less packaging and waste. While the bag is not easily recycled the box is and the real carbon saving is in the transport.

Australia followed by Scandinavian countries are among the biggest users of bag in box while recent growth in the American market has been inspired by consumers seeking value without necessarily compromising in quality and increased carbon rating of food and beverages.

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