Monday, February 28, 2011

The R5000 Cook Book

The world's über cook book comes not from an überchef but from one of the world's übergeeks (with endorsements from überchefs), Microsoft's former chief technology officer and master of the forced upgrade Nathan Myhrvold.

Weighing in at an encyclopaedic 22kg, Modernist Cuisine - The Art and Science of Cooking is probably the world's ultimate cookbook, spanning six volumes and covering 1,500 different recipes with forewords from Heston Blumenthal, of Fat Duck fame, and El Bulli's Ferran Adria.

How does a billionaire scientest do this? By spending millions of dollars of course - and by com­pleting culi­nary train­ing with renowned chef Anne Willan at the Ecole De La Varenne. And with 72 of the world's best chefs advising him, and the 1,500 recipes include contributions from them, plus others developed in his multimillion-dollar Seattle food lab.

With mainstream media having to be more polite the blogosphere delivered some pearls not least ''Escoffier would crap his pants.”   wrote Scott Heimendinger at  while Ferran Adria settled for ''this book will change the way we understand the kitchen''.

 Click on this link to go to Modernist Cuisine

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