Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reality (wine) Show

While Simon or Mark may not be involved in this one it has a touch of 'reality show' about it - win one of five guaranteed listing in the UK. Link to Wine Stars


This bit of innovation is welcome and not surprising given that it's one of the most dynamic wine markets in the world - and one of the toughest, particularly for supplier margins. But it's also one of the biggest by value and volume so hard to ignore.

The only entry cost is providing samples, presumably to a UK address if your winery is selected. While the selection process is not clear, 5 wines will get listed, one each at Waitrose, Mitchells & Butlers, Swig, Laithwaite Wine and Hangingditch. Presumably the 8 judges will decide the top 100 for the following:

  • Top 10 wineries attend the finals on 24th may at the LIWF
  • Top 10 wineries present for 3 minutes each to Waitrose supermarkets, Laithwaites/Direct Wines, Mitchell’s & Butler pub group, Hanging Ditch merchants, Swig.co.uk
  • Top 90 wineries go to live online auction on wine-stars.com for retailers and importers to bid for, from 26th May- 10th June!
  • Your winery will be broadcast globally through 100,000s social media connections: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, bloggers and more.



  • We believe in empowering Wine Producers.
  • Human beings connect by telling stories. Wine Producers need an easier way of telling their stories.
  • We believe that wineries, small and large, need a platform that enables them to be seen and heard.
  • We believe the wine business needs innovation and to adopt more contemporary methods of doing business.
  • We believe the global wine-sourcing business model is changing, and we want to be part of that change.
  • We believe that wine producers in remote parts of the world need to have better access to markets.
  • We believe that wine trade buyers from all over the world need more dynamic ways of screening wineries and being introduced to them.
  • We believe that the global wine industry needs to embrace technology.
  • We believe that wine can be a vehicle for social change.
  • We believe the culture of the wine business needs to be more forward thinking and open.
  • We believe that the wine business should be a meritocracy.
  • We believe that a wine’s merit should be judged on more than simply what is inside the bottle.
  • In Vino Veritas…


  1. Thanks for your support Jonathan!!!! We hope to see lots of SA wineries come on board - only 1 from my country so far!!! Come on folks! :))

    1. is their an entry fee after tomorrow or entries closed?