Thursday, February 20, 2014

Glass by Lady May

Welcome to Glenelly

Glenelly's Lady May de Lencquesanig has commissioned a short film comparing glass with wine. Glass and wine share many attributes, both coming from poor soils, being created with heat, being liquid as their base nature and formed through the influence of man. Both can also be considered art forms in their own right.

Inspired by this and the Madame's affection for antique glass, the film was created as a fresh angle to introduce Glenelly to people, the estate sharing the same obsession for perfection as the glassmaker in the film. Like glass and wine, film is subjective and director Gavin Elder brought the piece together in a way that encourages each viewer to interpret their own version of the story, edited in black and white to give it a more timeless feel.David Cope penned the narrative. 
See links below, including a trailer and a link to the Glenelly YouTube channel which has individual videos for each of the wines. The film will be posted to the Glenelly website and the estate's importers/distributors worldwide will host their own screenings of the film. 
Glass - The Short Film

Glass - Trailer

Glenelly YouTube Channel: Wine Videos

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