Monday, March 7, 2011

Catch of the Day (SASSI-friendly)*

One of my favourite European food memories is discovering a Sardine braai on the quay of a small Portuguese fishing harbour. 

Over the weekend I discovered some frozen Portuguese Sardines at a Fishmonger opposite the Spar on Lion’s Square off Main Rd, Somerset West. Obviously fresh is best but as I was not about to hop on the plane to Lisbon I decided to try them. 

 They smelled surprisingly fresh on defrosting and delivered the very same fantastic aroma on the braai after being drizzled with olive oil and a good sprinkling of Maldon sea salt.

 My braai broodjie grid did the job but I did think of the Weber when the umbrella fell over in the wind catching the grid handle and pulling the grid to the ground.

We stuck to the Mediterranean theme with some freshly made Ratatouille.

So I lost the grid patterning on the Sardines after my grid became airborne but all was forgotten when I tasted the fish. While I have yet to exactly emulate any vivid first time food memories - dont think I ever will - the flavours and aromas were very similar to what I remember, just the texture could have been a little firmer.

If we had some Vinho Verde our weekend on the Med would have been complete but am still loving the incredible value of Checkers Bin 317 Sauvignon Blanc (from Philidelphia fruit).

 *And Sardines are on SASSI's (Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) green list i.e. best choice. Tick.

Jonathan Snashall

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