Friday, October 25, 2013

Christian Eedes Chardonnay Report

Top 10

Crystallum, just how I like my oats, 4 stars
 Good variety of styles, good fruit, viticulture throughout - when will we have a sexy competition for the growers? Not sure that's possible but their efforts need more recognition by the media. 
HRV Top 10 three years running, contender for BLIC award
Whether Elgin or S'bosch, Miles always up there
Rather pricey at R300, 4 stars
Consistently classy, no mean feat, 5 stars for R125
Johan just keeps racking them up 4,5 stars
4,5 star Californication
Balance, length, intensity, complexity, pure BLIC, 5 stars
FDC, best value by far R95
Boschendal not the most complex but great palate weight and intensity 4 star  

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